La Cascina:
head of a company,
heart of a cooperative

We grow up together since 1978


La Cascina Cooperativa

The history of the cooperative La Cascina has its roots in 1978 when Father Giacomo Tantardini suggested some university students to open a canteen for their fellow students. The initiative was born spontaneously with the symbolic contribution of 70.000 liras given by Cardinal Luciani and it immediately attracted the sympathies of many people who helped its development over times. The company has steadily grown becoming today one of the main Italian managerial realities with almost 10.000 employees and more than 36 million meals prepared every day. The increase of the business and the vocation as national group have not changed the features of the company over times which has always been well-established throughout Italy and attentive to the employment of the job market’s poorest brackets.

Over the last few years La Cascina has strengthened its business thanks to a merger by incorporation of another important company engaged in the cleaning and global service sectors thus becoming a company leader and where it mainly operates with the brands La Cascina Global Service and Vivenda Spa. In 2012 the business activity was further enlarged by entering in a joint venture with the social cooperative Tre Fontane, whose main fields of action are healthcare, social emergency, childcare, immigration and personal services. In 2017 the Group broadened its range of business by acquiring control of the company Bollita Costruzioni. Nowadays Cascina Costruzioni is a benchmark in Italy for the construction and the upkeep markets.


When restraint and courtesy are added to strength, the latter becomes irresistible.

Mahatma Gandhi

With 10,000 employees, 37 million meals delivered every day, 700.000 hours of assistance and thanks to a constantly growing turnover – which exceeds 300 million euros – La Cascina is now a reference model for the European world of cooperation thanks to its ability to facilitate mutuality abiding by market and business rules. A company that over times has become a leader in its reference environments – food and global service, hospitality, solidarity and social inclusion – especially thanks to the strength of people who contribute everyday with passion, dedication and professionalism. They are the driving force and the added value to this reality that can facilitate the principle of social responsibility along with the entrepreneurial dimension and enhancing the concepts of family and human contact. “Heart of a cooperative, head of a company and people always in the first place” are the essence of our company’s philosophy, linking the idea of ​​business to the idea of assistance.


When you know that everything happening to you is what you need, life becomes a paradise.

Byron Katie

The main goal of our company is the full satisfaction of people who every day rely on the experience, professionalism and know-how of the Cascina family. We are today leaders in the collective, scholastic, healthcare and business food service. We are able to ensure the sanitation of thousands of surfaces, the upkeep and usability of gardens and buildings – through auxiliary services – and the management and control of the offered services. The business efficiency goes hand-in-hand with the company’s ethical commitment of respect for health and surrounding environment of our workers. The Cascina Value System’s implementation contributes to make its stakeholders – Public Administrations, Communities, Consumers, Trade Unions and Credit System – as responsible and sustainable participant models.

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La Cascina has consolidated its business through mergers by incorporation of important companies and it has now become a leader in the sectors of food service, top-rated banqueting, care and assistance and luxury tourism. In addition to the administrative, treasury and recruiting and training services, La Cascina also performs management tasks for the member companies concerning production and promotion activities and business development.

    The Company operates within the sectors of food service, care and assistance, civil and industrial engineering. In addition it provides administrative, treasury, recruiting and training services. La Cascina also performs management tasks for the member companies concerning production and promotion activities and business development.


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