Safety protection

Investing in workers’ safety is a moral and fundamental principle and a right that La Cascina Group guarantees to its workers. With the entry into force of the Legislative Decree 81/08, it has been established a sole service for prevention and protection, in compliance with the provisions of art. 31 paragraph 8* herein.

*”Employers can contact the company for the establishment of the service and the designation of employees and supervisor”.

The goal is to obtain a further presence and continuous contact with workers in order to better manage all their safety issues in the workplace.

Safety and health are an integral part of La Cascina’s core business, a real strategic commitment in relation to company’s more general purposes, it is  not a cost but an investment with short and medium-term benefits that leaves a positive mark in the corporate’s balance sheet.

Products’ quality and safety standards are constantly supervised and checked at every stage of the process starting from an accurate selection of suppliers and products, the service distribution, the packaging of meals until the supply of a service through the global service way. All work processes and procedures are defined in constant collaboration with teachers and university departments.

In the wake of these policies we have achived the most important quality certifications, even if the most important one is the satisfaction of millions of consumers who choose us every day. As part of the management systems service – more or less integrated according to client’s needs – it is possible to plan the offer of perceived quality systems that allow us to collect Customer Satisfaction data as well as to offer various interactive multi-channel communication media – e.g. WEB, Call Center – between client, supplier and user.


All business processes adopt International standards about food safety, environmental and social responsibility. The quality system certified in compliance with the European requirements expressed by the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard is entrusted to teamwork and processes’ responsibility management. With the certificate issued by the CISQCERT and with the international equivalent recognition IQNet we have obtained the quality certification for all our operating units.

As a further guarantee of the final product’s hygienic safety we have moulded the HACCP self-control system within the quality procedures, achieving the compliance certification abiding by the UNI 10854:99 law about the design and implementation of a monitoring system.

    The Company operates within the sectors of food service, care and assistance, civil and industrial engineering. In addition it provides administrative, treasury, recruiting and training services. La Cascina also performs management tasks for the member companies concerning production and promotion activities and business development.


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