Sustainability and solidarity

Our mission rests on three fundamental values:

  • The promotion of sustainable development models and responsible and aware consumption
  • The implementation of the principles of transparency, loyalty and fairness approaching to the market
  • The enhancement of human resources as corporate assets through training courses

The building process of our ethical policies has involved all business roles  and it begins with the recognition of essential tools in order to make the reference of ethical values ​​explicit, clear and easily understandable, our ultimate goal is to spread the culture of social responsibility. All this allows us to produce a favourable impact on the relations’ system between the customer, the end-user and the provider through the process of Communication, Sharing, Comparison and Awareness.

The customer becomes an active member capable of interacting in the distribution process as an aware end-user about the corporate mission. From this perspective the idea of solidarity education, together with that of consumer education, has become one of our daily goals.

Our ethical policy regulates the set of rights, duties and responsibilities that we take on the stakeholders we interact with. This is the expression of our commitment regarding the protection of human and labour rights. Our daily activity is now becoming a means for new networks, socialising, wellness and education with reference to responsible and conscious consumption models. The path we have undertaken places at the center of its strategies the  policies of corporate social responsibility (CSR), development of the perceived quality and environmental protection. The top management of every single company has embraced a policy inspired by clear ethical values ​​and mandates sanctioned by the International certification SA8000:2008 and its related provisions, we recognise our obligations towards all the interested parties operating inside and outside the organization.

    The Company operates within the sectors of food service, care and assistance, civil and industrial engineering. In addition it provides administrative, treasury, recruiting and training services. La Cascina also performs management tasks for the member companies concerning production and promotion activities and business development.


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    00173 – Roma


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